Our goal is to develop well-balanced students who embrace learning and demonstrate strong character. Wildwood Academy encourages children to become the best they can be by promoting academic, social, emotional, and physical growth. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for the students in grades five and up to participate in an annual two night team building trip at the YMCA Cedar Glen every October.

The students are exposed to multi-level challenge courses which is an excellent environment for groups to work together, build trust and develop communication skills in a safe setting that promotes personal growth.

Along with the YMCA Staff, Wildwood Academy teachers and students are actively engaged in an outdoor education program which encourages positive values and character education.  Orienteering, fire and shelter building, high and low ropes, archery, and nature hikes are just a few of the activities which the students participate in during their time at Cedar Glen.

The staff and students return from this experience with new and stronger friendships, newly acquired skills, and a solid bond that sets the stage for a positive school year. This year, 35 students and 8 teachers enjoyed the trip to Cedar Glen making this a trip to remember!