In 2012, Lauren Edwards, manager of the Tim Hortons at 2960 South Sheridan Way teamed up with Wildwood Academy in an effort to give students a new experience. The pilot project was so successful that Wildwood Academy now has four student employees enjoying their work placement experience at this location four afternoons a week. Thanks to the efforts of Lauren and Tim Hortons, these students have been given the chance to experience life in the workplace.

This opportunity was a first for the school, and one that has worked exceptionally well for the students and for the employer.  “The students get such great pleasure out of coming to work. They’re so reliable, never come in late or call in sick, and they work just as hard as everybody else,” said Edwards. “They bring such a positive morale to everybody that’s here, from the other staff to the guests.”

Students in the senior classes at Wildwood Academy are given the opportunity to participate in this highly valuable initiative.  Social skill building, responsibility, money management, safety and cooperation are just a few of the skill sets that these young adults utilize while on the job at Tim Hortons.