At the end of September, every OSC student was given $10 in seed money to provide them the opportunity to live out the “Parable of the Talents” found in Matthew 25:14-30. The money, which has been generously donated to the school, provides each student an opportunity to be involved in the Building Great Kids campaign. Students will be asked how they plan to use the seed money along with their gifts and talents to grow their investment and in turn bless the Building Great Kids campaign and a Christian service project chosen by the OCS Service Council.

Building Great Kids has a primary goal of raising funds for the new gym facility but a more important goal of building character and leadership in the heart of our OCS students. This initiative will hopefully show students the importance of utilizing their God-given talents. Once again, the hope and prayer is for every OCS student to take the seed money, come up with an idea to “put it to work” and raise money towards Building Great Kids and a Christian service project. This is a fun and creative way for OCS students to be part of the campaign – their ideas, their way! Students have one month to plan and execute their ideas to increase their investment!