MacLachlan’s inaugural Winter Wisdom Circles took place on Friday December 16th and were a resounding success. The event was attended by students from Grades 7-12 and opened with a smudging ceremony on the backfield. Students gathered in a circle and observed as Stephen Paquette explained the purpose behind the smudging ceremony and what it entailed. Stephen then invited one student to walk the circumference of the circle with burning sage. Upon the completion of her circle, she then joined Stephen within the circle to take part in the remainder of the ceremony which involved clarifying sight, hearing, words, and heart through cleansing yourself with the smoke of the burning sagea medicinal herb according to his peoples beliefs. After the ceremony, the students split up into their respective houses and headed off to rotate through four Winter Wisdom CirclesThe Winter Wisdom Circle activities were impactful for all who participated and exposed students to cultural experiences they had not encountered before.