The Huntsman Marine Science Centre is a not-for-profit research and teaching institute in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.  The Huntsman campus, including the Fundy Discovery Aquarium, is located on the St. Croix estuary on the lower shore of the Bay of Fundy. For over forty years, the education programmes at the Huntsman have been providing visitors with information on Canada’s east coast marine ecology and economy.

The Grade Eight students at Glenburnie School have had the unique opportunity to learn firsthand about marine sciences at the Huntsman Centre since 1997. The on-site programmes, made up of interpretive labs and presentations, provide the students with an introduction to the marine environment in Atlantic Canada. In addition, the students are also engaged in a variety of data collecting field trips on the tidal shores and under the waters of the Bay of Fundy. Research vessels offer the students an amazing look at marine inhabitants through the use of bottom trawling and oceanographic sampling.

The Huntsman Centre provides Glenburnie students with the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with their peers to learn about marine life in its natural environment. Learning by doing makes this trip invaluable. The memories will last a lifetime!