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Providing an exceptional and enriched foundation of academic concepts and skills

Students from Preschool to Grade 8 thrive in Glenburnie’s innovative, child-centered, and responsive learning environment, with lessons structured to suit each student’s individual learning style. Glenburnie’s passionate educators provide a challenging academic approach to prepare students, from average to gifted levels, with effective leadership and communication skills, critical thinking and wisdom to excel as leaders in their 21st century world.

Glenburnie is held in high regard for its STE’A’M (Science, Math, Engineering, ‘Arts’, Math) activities, and Economics education, which foster analytical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills. Glenburnie is also recognized in the wider community for it exceptional ‘Arts’ Programs (Visual Arts, Instrumental/Choirs, Drama/Theatre) as well as for its competitive Intramural and Varsity athletics.

Students are encouraged to achieve to their maximum potential in an environment in which personal initiative and responsibility are highly valued. Each student is recognized as an individual with a unique background of experiences and talents. Classrooms are viewed as creative workplaces, where students are supported and encouraged to apply new concepts and ideas to practical real-life applications in creative and innovative ways.

Glenburnie has been called ‘a home away from home’ and a school with a ‘big heart’, which underscores its school spirit in this welcoming, supportive community. Students, as active partners in their education, find their learning experiences to be stimulating, challenging and fun, where successes are recognized and celebrated!”

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Latest News and Events from Glenburnie School

Glenburnie School’s Health and Wellness Day

During Glenburie School's ME to WE Health and Wellness Day, Sophia Bayjoo ME to WE Leadership speaker, along with many other guests and performers, inspired the community.

Glenburnie Students Visit Fort George

Glenburnie grade 6 and 7 students took an overnight trip to Fort George to learn about the war of 1812. Students also got to learn about the geography and history of the fort and take part in a drill practice. A great school trip!

Glenburnie Students Perform in Aladdin

Glenburnie students were privileged to perform ‪the play Aladdin for Meadow Green Academy and Wildwood Academy this morning.  Afterwards, they hosted a Q&A session with the cast and crew to explain how the show was put together. There were some excellent questions...

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Are you interested in finding out more about our school? Come visit us during an Open House, or contact us, and we will be happy to give you a personal tour of our school.

Glenburnie School

2035 Upper Middle Road East, Oakville, Ontario L6H 7G6
(905) 338-6236

Admissions Contact:

Wendy Ball
Tel: (905) 338-6236
Email: admin@glenburnieschool.com

What Our Parents Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our parents do the talking!

We chose Glenburnie School six years ago because of your promise to prepare our son for the world he will be entering in the future. During this time, you have fostered a healthy and safe learning environment for children and our son has benefitted greatly.

LR, Long Time Parent

Thank you for everything you have done this past semester. Our daughter has grown and matured so much because of your kinder program. We are thrilled with her progress, and more importantly, that she loves her school and her teachers.

Kindergarten Parent

Time and time again, my son’s teacher has gone out of her way to let us know how our son is doing. The personal touch my son’s teacher has added to every aspect of her job has simply been phenomenal. She is truly that special teacher one can look back on in adulthood as having “made a difference” that every child deserves at least once.

Primary Parent

Glenburnie School – Excellence in Education

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